Friday, April 30, 2010

Landon & Emma

So back to shooting the wild kids! Landon came over to play so we went out to play on Scott's digger that he loves! You could tell he's all boy and loved every minute of it, even asking for the keys! I tried to get them to take some pics together, but they weren't too interested

Getting Started

When I convinced Scott that I needed my own camera he was a little weary of the idea, but why not have a great camera to take pictures of our beautiful daughter that we will cherish forever?! And so began my world of photography. As a beginner I was anxious to take pictures of anything and everything, so I did what any proud mom would do and started with my daughter. We had a play date at her bff Landon's house and I just follwed them around to take a few pictuers. Kids are a hard subject to start off with! Always on the move! We came home and I played around with Lightroom & Photoshop Elements and so started my intro to photography! I hope you enjoy as these as much as I enjoyed taking them!